Economic Empowerment
Vocational training is undertaken in Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza. A variety of programs, for youth of both genders, are offered. Some like in the Gaza Strip are of a longer duration lasting up between three to two years in which youngsters age 14 to 23 years acquire skills in carpentry and furniture making; in metal and aluminum works and welding; in electrician skills and in motor and transformer rewinding.

A Secretarial studies one year course is offered to young women in addition to advanced dress making. Hundreds of young men and women benefit year-in and year-out from this variety of courses.

In Jordan, a woman development program has a folkloric production unit that produces high quality folkloric material which benefits the family economics of the young women involved. For young men and women the three computer development centers in refugee camps allow them to develop computer-related skills. A special course on Leadership Skills and Capacity Building is conducted for the benefit of youth in the greater Amman area. Scores of women and men benefit yearly from these activities.
Lebanon has a variety of vocational training and educational programs. Barbering, hairdressing, beauty and cosmetology offer opportunities to scores of youth, men and women, to earn a living and feel dignified. Besides there are courses for secretarial studies and English as well as specialized courses in Electronics and Computers. Education remains a focus area as a kindergarten catering to over 30 families is maintaining the torch across family generations. Syrian children are helped to go on with their school curriculum and psychosocial and recreational activities maintain hope for participants.
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