Primary Health Care Clinics in Madaba and Jerash Refugee Camps
Rationale: the living and health conditions in the Palestinian refugee camps of Jordan continue to demand supplementary attention to the medical needs of the population. The arrival of Syrian refugees further emphasize the need to extend supplementary and essential medical services.
Target Group:Close to 9,000 patients benefitted from the medical services offered at the Madaba Refugee Camp clinic (4000+ patients) and Jerash Refugee Camp clinic (3000* patients) with close to 2000 Syrian refugees.
1. Regular visits primarily of Mothers and Childrento the clinics.
2. Free Medical Days still a good practice that Refugees either Palestinians, Syrians and needy benefited from especially in Gynecology, Pediatric, and General medicine.
3. Vaccination of children and adults from year 5-20 from both Syrians and Jordanians against German Measles, Rubella and Polio in three camps, Madaba, Huson and Talbiah where DSPR referred its clients to UNRWA health centers at these 3 camps.
4. Syrian refugees are medically checked for free at the clinics on average of (100) Syrian refugee women and children monthly
Impact on the Community:
Over 9,000 individuals, mostly mothers, children and youth, received regular medical attention. Hundreds were referred to specialists and further treatment. Hundreds of children and youth in three refugee camps received needed vaccinations. Over 1200 Syrian refugees were offered free medical attention.
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