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Children Empowerment

Rationale: Children in the Refugee Camps are one of the most at risk groups. With population density and with limited space, both physical and social, often children end up being expendable whether in the way they are treated especially with larger families or if they are forced to go to work at a very early age. The tools and skills provided through children empowerment help them cope and overcome some of the constraints and hurdles facing them. Target Group: 360 children and their mothers in the Refugee Camps where DSPR Jordan has presence. Activities: 1. Recruiting the children through mothers’ networks who also participate in the workshops. 2. Conducting 12 workshops which cover Creative Thinking; Personal Hygiene; Family Role in School Achievement; Financial Management at Early Childhood and Child Labor. Impact on the Community: On average 30 children and mothers participate in each of the 12 workshops. Mothers are sensitized to the rights of their children and on improving personal hygiene and performance at school. Especially significant is the fact that mothers gain skills on how to manage the financial obligations and burden of raising children.

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