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Computer Training Centers (Women Vocational Training)

Rationale: Computer and its use have become part of our world of today. Women, who are often marginalized, find the space to develop their communication skills and to get to learn new computer skills. This brings women closer to the realities of cyberspace but also enable them to use what they learn particularly in ICDL course in gaining employment and improving their lives and those of their families. Target Group: 268 women participants in three refugee camps across Jordan. Activities: 1. Women committees and women’s networks help identify and encourage applicants who pay fees to enroll in this course. 2. ICDL Course is taught throughout week days and lasts for a couple of months each. Impact on the Community: On average 22 women participated each month in the computer and ICDL course. 50% of those who attended the course ended up finding employment in computer based jobs in the labor market. The computer course provides women with practical and marketable skills that come in handy to providing some income and advance the position of women within their families, in addition to offering them possibilities of advancement.

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