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Conflict Transformation

Rationale:Most of the villages located in Galilee are mixed. The inhabitants are Christians, Moslems and Druze. The community is disintegrating, thus, causing alienation between inhabitants belonging to different faiths. Violent clashes took place between Christian, Moslems and Druze youth, in several villages. Target Group: 42 home teachers and 3 principals representing 3 high schools from 3 mixed Arab Villages in western Galilee in the north: Kofr Yasif, Abu-Snab, Jdaydeh-Maker, sheikh Dannun. Activities: 1. An intensive course of 60 hours was carried out. The course as usual included 4 theoretical sessions 4 hours each, and 6 full day visits to holy sites of Christianity, Islam, and Druze. 2. Heads of Departments of Education in the local authorities, the Ministry of Education, the supervisors, and the school principals were involved. 3. During the year 2013-2014 the school principals will devote 2 hours monthly to enable educators and teachers who underwent the course to convey their knowledge to their pupils. Impact on Community: Participation of 45 Teachers and 3 school principals from 5 different village communities in Galilee in lectures and workshops on interfaith and knowing the other communities. The students in the public schools of the villages were sensitized to the dimension of harmonizing relations with other religious communities, based on the interventions of Teachers and Principals who participated in this activity.

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