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Dialogue between Arab and Jewish professionals –"Religion & Peace in the Media"

Rationale:The aim of the conference is to enable academics, journalists, representative of civil society organizations and religious leaders, Arabs and Jews, to meet and discuss matters related to how peace processes and religious issues are reflected in Media. Target Group:150 Journalists, academics, religious leaders, and representatives from Arab & Jewish social change organizations. Activities: 1. Two-day conference and workshop was held in Nazareth in 7-8 November. 2. Two panels on religion and peace, consist of a Journalist, an academic, and representatives from Arab & Jewish social change organizations, and religious leaders discussed matters related to media coverage of peace processes and religious matters. 3. Four lectures during the conference dealt with the relation between the media and peace processes and religious matters. 4. A tour to the old city of Nazareth was organized for the participants especially for Jews coming from remote areas who are not familiar with the city of Nazareth. Impact on the Community: Started the nucleus for a specialized dialogue group whose members know each other on a personal basis. Highlight among participants a shared system of norms and values on peace and equality. Sensitize as wide an audience on the environment of conflict and the responsibility of the media on this. Initialize new models for coexistence and sharing civic responsibilities.

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