Our Projects
Educational Loan Program

Rationale: Helping students enroll in undergraduate university education, at a time when university fees are becoming very expensive, is an empowering exercise for the young people, men and women, who seek to make a future for themselves. It also helps their families cope with the financial burden of having one of their children in the university. Target Group: 81 university students fifty of whom were new applicants and the rest receiving the loan for a second or third year in the amount of US$850 per academic year Activities: 1. Submittal of applications by students 2. Disbursement of loans with two guarantors. 3. Repayment Schedule for each graduate upon securing a steady job. Impact on the Community: Hundreds of university students and their families have benefited from this project. Some could not have made it at all without the financial support that the loan for three academic years provides. Many of the recipients have become active professionals, teachers, public servants and in private enterprises.

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