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Essential Food and Non Food Items to Syrian Refugees (Emergency Program- ACT JSL Forum)

Rationale: To reduce the vulnerability of the affected population through humanitarian assistance. Target Group: 13500 Families throughout the different geographic locations of Jordan. Activities: 1. Identifying the needy families with help from Refugee Camp officials; local committees; public and private institutions and NGOs. 2. Preparing the Food and Non-Food Items Parcels. 3. Announcing the distribution of parcels and the points of distribution. Impact on the Community: 10,008 families of Syrian Refugees in Jordan received Food and Non-Food Items. The reduction in Numbers of Beneficiary Families was due to lack of funds. The parcels received were appreciated by the Families as they enabled them to cope a little bit better with the conditions of life as refugees. These parcels were immediate relief as these refugees wait for a resolution of the conflict in their country.

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