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Health Education

Rationale: the living and overall conditions in refugee camps necessitate raising awareness of the most at risk groups, women in particular, to issues pertaining to health concerns as well as personal hygiene and nutritional issues pertaining to the family and children. Target Group: 360 women in the Refugee Camps where DSPR Jordan has presence. Activities: 1. Formation of Women Groups with interest in attending health education workshops. 2. Conducting 12 workshops on seven different health issues: Hepatitis; Phthisis; Skin Care; Personal Hygiene; Dental Care; Nutrition and Herbals and Health. Impact on the Community: On average 30 women attended each workshop which led to discussion and exchange on the health issues and how they impact their lives and those of their families. Remedial action, from knowledge gained was undertaken in the family environment as well on individual level. Women participants also sensitized other women neighbors and friends of the importance of being aware of some basic facts about these issues.

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