Our Projects
: Psychosocial Intervention with Syrian Refugees

Rationale: Syrian Refugee Families and their members are living in trauma and in transitional circumstances that impact them and their psychosocial well-being negatively. Provision of psychosocial awareness and training sessions will help alleviate some of the stress related to their refugee status and the trauma of being in a transitional status. Target Group: Over 3,000 Syrian Refugees, in particular Mothers, Children and Youth are targeted. Activities: 1. 36 Psychosocial awareness sessions planned – 28 sessions conducted. 2. 9 Children Forums planned – 14 Children Forums established. 3. 81 Training Workshops on Life Skills and Coping planned – 28 workshops conducted. 4. 36 Mother Support Workshops planned – 50 workshops conducted. 5. 16 Training Workshops on CRM planned – 16 workshops conducted. Impact on the Community: Close to 840 refugees participated in the psychosocial sessions in addition to over 1,000 mothers who participated in sessions pertaining to their own needs and concerns. Hundreds of children and youth participated in forums and training activities that increased their coping and life skills and offered them more self-assurance as they dealt with issues of refugee status. Psychosocial support in all its aspects and dimensions help the refugee community deal in a more effective manner with the problems and obstacles faced on a daily basis.

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