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Traditional and Folkloric Textiles

Rationale: Women in the Refugee Camps, in addition to the Syrian women newcomers, are seeking ways of generating their own income through excelling in skills of producing high quality pieces of Arab folkloric designs as well as traditional designs. The purpose of such a project is to enable women to have an independent means of income and through feeling self-reliant imbue relationships with a sense of dignity that a self-reliant woman generates. Target Group: 42 women in the Refugee Camps where DSPR Jordan has presence. Activities: 1. Recruitment of women interested in the project through the voluntary women’s committees who work closely with both the camp community and DSPR Jordan. 2. The actual course of teaching how to produce folkloric and traditional embroidered pieces of textile. Impact on the Community: Women who participated in this activity earned US$3085 in 2014. Their work was exhibited and sold in key touristic areas and attracted praise. Women who benefitted from this project also gained in self-reliance, felt dignified earning their own money, some went further by starting their own embroidery enterprises. The degrees at graduation that they have earned made them feel pride and satisfaction with their achievements.

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