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Women Empowerment

Rationale: Women in refugee camps bear the burden of running the family household while at the same time many of them are on the receiving end. Self-expression and development are often lacking and this contributes to feelings of marginalization. Offering women empowerment workshops help self-discovery and promotion of skills useful to run a family and some that may come handy when a woman considers starting her own small business. Target Group: 400 women in the Refugee Camps where DSPR Jordan has presence. Activtities: 1. Formation of Women Groups with interest in attending and participating in empowerment workshops. 2. Conducting 16 workshops on seven issues related to women empowerment: Positive Thinking; Time Management ; Income Generation; Start your business; Vocational Training; Candle Manufacturing and Family Conflict Management. Impact on the Community: On average 25 women attended each of the 16 workshops with discussion and exchange about the various topics covered. Women practiced the skills acquired in the family and in the neighborhood. Others were encouraged to join the vocational training programs of DSPR Jordan and to learn a vocation. Still some others ventured into having their own small business developed mostly at home. Overall the women empowerment project gave women self-assurance and widened their horizons in the different contexts in which they live and operate.

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