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Youth Empowerment

Rationale: Youth are in a transitional status when it comes to dealing with issues of their future and to find their proper place within the community and the society at large. Gaining leadership skills is an effective way to deal with individual issues while placing oneself in the larger context. Youth in particular experience tremendous social and peer pressures as they try to find their place in community and society. Drug abuse could become an option that would close off possibilities of personal development and of productively engage with the larger community and society. Target Group: 240 Young People in the Refugee Campswhere DSPR Jordan has presence and 50 youngsters, men and women in Amman itself. Activities: 1. Formation of youth groups who show interest in attending the workshops. 2. Conducting 8 workshops and training seminars in which Drugs and Leadership Skills are the focus. 3. Capacity building in community work and organizing. 4. Learning how to assess needs and develop proposals and concept notes to address them. Impact on the Community: On average 30 young people participate in each of the 8 workshops beside 50 who participated in developing leadership skills. As they gain self-confidence they are more willing to speak about personal issues and concerns thus reducing stress and worry. Learning about drugs become essential in distancing oneself from the possibility of using drugs. With leadership skills, the youth are equipped to see themselves as active members of their communities and the society at large. Through capacity building and gaining skills of assessing communal needs, youngsters gain confidence in both their voluntary and eventually paid work.

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