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Youth Leadership Program in Cooperation with Notre-Dame School in Mee'lya

Rationale: By socially re-integrating youth in social and community processes, they will be more involved in determining as well as shaping their own and the community’s future.This project has also a preemptive dimension that aims to prevent youth from sliding into drug abuse and any other violent practices. This can be done by helping students to develop social skills as increasing of awareness, better communication, conflict resolution, planning and organization, managing a meeting, and co-working with others at school and in the community. Target Group:The pupils targeted are those of 9th-10th grades (20-30 pupils) who seek to develop and empower skills of leadership by accepting social and community assignments. Activities: 1. The recruitment of the pupils was carried out in consultation with teachers and principals and with consulting students for interest in joining. 2. The session and workshops meetings were held once a week at Notre-dame High School, starting in October. 3. 6 activities will be held during the year outside class. Mainly, enrichment seminars and trips to communities in the surrounding. Impact on the Community: Enrolled students are volunteering in community work. Students are more open to others of different backgrounds. The acquiring of values that promote participation in society and respect for democratic values. Students are more aware of their own and larger environments. Students endowed with leadership skills reflected in their willingness to volunteer and to initiate.

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