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Computer Training Centers (Women Vocational Training)

Three computer centers in the Irbid, Hittin and Madaba Refugee Camps offer their space to women who are interested in gaining computer skills and or improving the skills they already have.

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Dialogue between Arab and Jewish professionals –"Religion & Peace in the Media"

The main goal of the project is to help bring about understanding and to evolve a culture of tolerance between Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land, as a means for the achievement of equal rights for the Arab Palestinian minority. This goal would be implemented by undertaking consultation with civil soci

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Education and Social Rehabilitation

Addressing the needs of Girls in Crisis &Dropout; Young Girls in Acre

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Conflict Transformation

Workshop about Interfaith in Galilee: An Intervention Program in Schools in Kofr Yasif (Western Galilee)

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Educational Loan Program

Educational loans are given to university students coming from family backgrounds where socio-economic constraints make university education quite an expensive proposition. Once the student graduates and he/she is earning a steady income, the repayment schedule is started.

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Primary Health Care Clinics in Madaba and Jerash Refugee Camps

Provide and maintain primary health care services to enhance the wellbeing of Palestinian mothers and children. With the arrival of Syrian refugees because of the civil war in their country, the primary health care services were extended to them.

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Women Empowerment

Empower Refugee Women to develop personal and professional skills that would enable them to stand on their own two feet

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: Psychosocial Intervention with Syrian Refugees

To provide Psychosocial Sessions and Training Workshops

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Youth Leadership Program in Cooperation with Notre-Dame School in Mee'lya

As is the case in most Arab villages in Israel, the community faces a shortage in frameworks and activities which address the problems and challenges facing Palestinian-Arab youth. With the cooperation with Notre-Dame School in Mee'lya, the ICCI carries out a program for youth leadership to strength

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Health Education

Sensitize Refugee Camp residents to issues pertaining to health and hygiene

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Essential Food and Non Food Items to Syrian Refugees (Emergency Program- ACT JSL Forum)

Provision of Food and non-Food items to highly vulnerable Syrian refugee families.

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Educational Loan Fund

The educational loans are given to students, irrespective of their religious background, who study for their undergraduate university degree, for three years to be repaid interest free when the student finishes his or her education and begins earning a living. The main criterion to apply is the econ

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Children Empowerment

Provide children living in Refugee Camps with tools and skills that would enable them to develop their thinking skills, keep up with their personal hygiene and to become aware of their rights as children.

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Youth Empowerment

Enable Youth in refugee camps and in the larger society to successfully deal with issues pertaining to gaining leadership skills as well as to effectively deal with staying clear of drug abuse.

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Rehabilitation Loan Fund

Men or women, adults or youth who due to unemployment, disability, or any other reason, have lost all or part or their income, can apply to the ICCI for a rehabilitation loan which would enable them to run a small business or to renovate an existing one.

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Traditional and Folkloric Textiles

Women learn the skills of producing traditional and folkloric pieces of textile that have potential of being marketed collectively or at the individual woman’s preference.

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Provision of Health Care and Conducting of Workshops on Health Issues and Hygiene.

Provision Health Care and Training Sessions on Health Related Issues to highly vulnerable Syrian refugee families and individuals.

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